To Dye, Or Not To Dye...

Two years ago, at the age of 51, I decided I was tired of coloring my hair. It simply was no longer worth the hassle and expenditure. My hair is mostly gray now; and I get numerous compliments on it, which has helped me feel confident in my choice.

Up until this past Saturday. Now, I need to explain something so what I'm about to describe can be put in the proper perspective: one of my best friends, Christy, is only nine years younger than me. Nine years. Over the last 20+ years that we have known each other, we have been mistaken for sisters on numerous occasions. We do look an awful lot alike, I agree. However, there have been two, previous occasions where I was asked if I were her mother, or grandmother. You can see how this was somewhat upsetting to me, as we are only nine years apart, and I was still coloring my hair at those times.

The first mother comment I kinda understood; I was pregnant with Sam at the time, so was more "motherly" looking. But this weekend, two women who stopped at our garage sale asked if I was her mother. This makes it twice, now.

After a few, quiet sobs, I explained; for the hundredth time, that it would be impossible for me to be her mother, as I would have had to have been only nine when she was born. To which one of the women responded, "Well, I just assumed because you look so alike, and because of you GRAY HAIR(my emphasis)."


I'm seriously eyeballing my last box of Loreal. I really am.

This Should Be Fun.

I took my cats to the vet yesterday. They both needed their rabies vaccines. Yuki is my white, Turkish Angora; and Shadow is my black, domestic shorthair. Both suffer from seasonal allergies(yes, cats can have pollen allergies, just like people);but Yuki only sneezes a little and gets watery eyes.

Shadow, however, will lick and gnaw on his feet, belly or neck until they are raw. This was the case yesterday. My vet, Dr. U, will give him a cortisone shot, and tell me to watch the area for signs of infection. The shot usually takes care of everything, but the lesion on his neck was particularly bad this time.

So, my vet proscribed some dermatological pet shampoo and told me to bath him with it once a week.

First thing you should know about Shadow: you can't bath him in a sink. The only place I can bath him where he won't fling himself around; thus drenching both him, me and the entire kitchen, is our glass-enclosed shower. With me in it. And my husband holding the door closed. This results in him doing two or three laps around the inner perimeter of the shower stall at 80 MPH, while I dodge claws. After that, he squats down and howls the whole time I bath and rinse him. Then husband has to put him in a strangle hold while he dries him off, and I finish showering shampoo,and black cat, hair off my body.

Should be great fun.
big-eyed cat

Urbandictionary MeMe

Lifted from Zyada.

Go to and type in your answers to the following questions.
Post the first definition it gives you.

1.) Your name?
Mary-one who is seemingly innocent; however Mary is a bad girl who never gets caught.*cough*

2.) Your age?
47-tall, bald, intimidating individual with a bar code tatooed on the back of his head. Hired killer. When not killing people for money, likes to garden.

3.) One of your friends?
Christy-Crazy commutist that loves sex in the morning.

4.) What should you be doing?
Watching tv-general for sexual activity.

5.) Favorite color?

6.) Birthplace?
Freeprt, TX-not yet defined.

7.) Month of your birth?
February-best month. Still cold and snowy, but you know spring is right around the corner. Without a doubt, the cutest, smartest, funniest set of people.

8.) Last person you talked to?
Husband-has your back, but knows when to get the hell out of your way when he has to. Usefulf for fixing things, keeping you warm and that soft, fuzzy feeling he creates.

9.) One of your nicknames?
Tigger-something, usually electronic, that suddenly stops working, is "tiggered".
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At some point last year, I got a "Facebook" account, and posted some piddling things and basic info on it, not expecting much to happen with it. I "friended" other pals who had accounts, along with my daughter and some of her friends that I knew from her years at VRHS. There were some whom I had met on-line, and only two that I had known prior to my moving to Illinois in 1999. All in all, just people I had met in, oh say, the last ten years.

Now, all of a sudden, people I went to high school with thirty years ago are popping up on Facebook and connecting with me.

This is kinda weird for me, because I wasn't all that popular in high school. I mean, I wasn't a pariah, or anything; but I wasn't ever one to be voted most popular, or most anything for that matter. I just did my own thing and tried to fly below the radar.

Now don't get me wrong, the fellow classmates I have connected with on Facebook were all people I got along with. They were always nice/kind/friendly to me; so I guess they didn't think I was too strange. It's just that high school was, personally, very rough for me. I always felt awkward and out-of-place. I'm sure 95% of my graduating class did as well, but how can you know that at 17 or 18? At that stage of your life you just keep hoping you can get through one more day and not make a fool of yourself.

So, here I sit, reliving all the negative things I felt in high school, and sort of wondering why these people want to get in touch with me.
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Updates, Updates, Updates!

I'm going to TRY and be better about posting on this thing! *sigh* Are blogs even a "hot" thing on the 'Net anymore? Anyway, here goes:

I'm in my third year working in the lunchroom of my son's middle school. Our student population has grown from 750 to almost 1,000 in three years time. I make 15 hamburgers, 85 cheeseburgers and 93 chicken sandwiches a day. This doesn't count the special of the day(grilled cheese, corndogs, hot dogs, etc.), and the other entres my other co-workers have to fix. The sister high school, Rouse, opened its doors this year. Sam will be attending that school next year as a freshman(where does the time go?).

Daughter is attending college in Illinois. The campus is North Central College, located in Naperville. Right now she is under a few feet of snow, but coping. She has an apartment, a roommate, and a new boyfriend. She works part-time in a comic book shop(that's my girl!), and is learning to drive on ice. They have "terms" at NCC, not semesters; so she's already finished her first "term". Her majors are music and art. She also got lucky in the scholarship department; but has also learned the harsh truth that one has to take out student loans to pay for college these days.

My mare, TJ, died this past August. She was 23 and her health was declining...rapidly. The vet came out to look at her a few months before she passed, and did some blood work. It showed cancer, and the vet said it was probably in her bones. She wasn't in any pain when she died; just forgetful and tired. She laid down one night, and never woke back up. I miss her.

I'm going to be 48 in two weeks. I starting to look it, and I certainly feel it after a day at work. But, I'm fairly healthy and life is good for me and the family; so no complaints.
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16 Facets of Me

Spin the Moon tagged me on Facebook. Thought I'd post it here, as well.

1. I have a set of red and green cereal bowls. They must be stacked red-green, red-green in the cabinet. If they aren't, I will rearrange them so they are.

2. When I enter a new enviroment, I must touch something in that enviroment. I am tactile as all get out.

3. I am also scent, aroma, odor-oriented. Smells can trigger very vivid memories/ideas in me.

4. I hate worms.

5. And heights. I'm not afraid to fly, but don't ask me to climb a ladder, or look out of a tall building.

6. I own/have owned horses all my life. I have been kicked, bitten, stomped, rolled over on, bucked off, thrown off and fallen off more times than I care to count. And I still get back on.

7. I love horses, cats, dogs, frogs, llamas and ducks.

8. I have been collecting business cards since I was in 6th grade(37 yrs.). I now have thousands, maybe even tens of thousands. I will keep collecting until I'm just too old to manage it any longer.

9. I wish I could draw, and draw really well.

10. I want to write a best-selling fantasy novel. I just can't come up with an original idea of my own. I envy J.K. Rowling.

11. When I was 18, I went to see "Alien". It scared me so bad, I walked out in the first 30 minutes. For two weeks I slept with the lights on. I've never watched that movie in its entirety.

12. When I worked as a bather for a groomer in Illinois, I had a Husky; named "Tug", drag me across the grooming shop floor.

13. I love snow. I wouldn't mind living where it snows. I just don't want to have to shovel it.

14. I look nothing like my siblings. In fact, my best friend looks more like me than my siblings.

15. In my heart, soul and mind, I knew the sex of both my children almost from the moment they were conceived.

16. When I drive through a yellow traffic light, I reach up and quickly scratch the headliner with my fingers. I picked up this habit from a former college pal. I have passed this habit on to every friend I have ever ridden/driven with. It has now passed to my daughter, who is passing on to her friends.
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The Battle Cry of All Flatware...

The middle school where I work has a full-time police presence on campus this year. The young man they hired is a member of the Leander police department. He's a very nice guy, and he's befriended us lunch ladies.

Most mornings he stops by and chats, maybe grabs a bit of leftover breakfast from the first meal we serve, and then grabs lunch later on.

He's a smart, young fellow with a quick wit; and he doesn't embarrass easily, which is a good thing considering our team's sense of humor.

Anyway, the Leander police uniform is all black, with the prerequisite shiny, silver buckles and buttons; and he cuts a very authoritative figure in it.
He was, of course, wearing it last week when he stopped in to grab some breakfast, and chat up my boss and some of the other ladies who were hanging out in my boss' office.

As usual, they were all laughing and exchanging jokes; so when I passed by them on my way to get something from the pantry, I glanced over and noticed that Gary(that's his name), was holding a spoon.

And a very nice spoon, I might add. It had the silver bowl on the end, and a black handle circled with a couple of silver, metal bands. It matched his uniform perfectly. Stopping to look at it, I couldn't help but grin.

He noticed me staring, and playfully demanded, "What?"

I pointed, and quipped, "So what, they're arming you with spoons now?"

To which he raised it, shook it non-threateningly in my face, and jokingly retorted, "Yeah! It's getting vicious out there!"
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A Tip of the Hat

Hubby and I just watched the two-hour TV movie, "Battlestar Galactica: Razor". We've been fans of the show since it premiered in 2004. Sadly, this will be its forth, and last, season.

But, to the reason for this post. Since watching "BSG:R", we realized we were a little rusty on some of the preceding plot lines; so we hauled out our set of "BSG: Season One", and popped it into the DVD player. We're only a few minutes into the two-hour pilot, when Bill pauses the DVD, and says, "Is that what I think it is?"

"Is what what you think it is?" I asked, clearly perplexed and not sure exactly what it is he thinks he's seen on the screen.

"Look at the sky in this scene," he replies.

Now, let me lay out the scene for you, briefly. The character, Laura Roslin, is sitting in her doctor's office; a big, roomy place with a huge, glass window soaring overhead. You can see blue sky and clouds, as well as airships passing overhead.

Suddenly, to the left of the screen, you see a Firefly class airship go sailing past.

I s*** you not. The shape is unmistakable to any "Firefly" fan.

Trust me, we paused, zoomed in, and studied it with a fine-toothed comb...

...and it's a Firefly.

Way to go Sci Fi Channel!